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Lynx Roller Chain is hard-working and durable enough to keep your machines running smoother, longer. Manufactured for a variety of applications, we have a chain suited to you. From corrosive environments to heavy-duty loads. Trust Lynx to keep your application running for the long haul.

Lynx quality for every application.


OEM (HD) - HD chains are engineered for longer life, from solid rollers with superior performance characteristics, to factory pre-loading that reduces initial stretching, to precision heat treatment for consistent hardness throughout the entire strand.


High Performance & High Speed (XD) - XD chain builds on the reliability of HD chain to include solid bushings with aligned oil ports for superior lubrication, wide-waist link plates to greatly increase fatigue and shock-load resistance, and press-fit connecting links that don’t decrease load rating.


Heavy & Shock Loads (SH) - Designed for the heaviest loads, this series features through-hardened alloy pins to increase load capacity and are quad-staked to increase holding power on the side plates.


Live-Bed Trailer (Kingpin) - This steel pintle chain includes quad-staked pins to increase strength in typically abusive applications, a self-cleaning open-barrel mechanism, and an open-barrel design that allows contaminants to escape from the chain without any seizing or tension spikes.


Corrosion Resistance - With multiple levels of corrosion resistance, there is a line perfect for every budget. Nickel-plating has the strength of standard chain, with very basic corrosion resistance. Stainless steel has high resistance, but less strength. Dacroclad offers the best of both worlds, with both high strength and resistance, and includes technology like self-repairing and passivation to protect the steel underneath. Ecoclad also accomplishes this, but is manufactured with a more sustainable and eco-conscious process.


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