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Lynx has a diverse line-up of special application chains, with a tested solution for every industry. Every line of Lynx chain is constructed from the highest quality steel and undergoes rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

How can special application chains benefit your industry?

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Double-pitch roller chain is similar to standard roller chain, except that the pitches are twice the length. This lowers costs for longer applications while maintaining strength. Double-pitch chain is available in numerous iterations, from light to heavy-duty, with standard or large rollers. It’s ideal for slow to medium-speed material handling. And with longer pitches, the chain itself is comparatively lighter in weight, requiring less from a prime mover to accomplish more.

Sharp top - Lumber mills and wood processors need a specific and highly durable chain for moving products. Several tooth profiles are available, catering to specific moving requirements while also minimizing penetration and damage to the product. Precisely machined flat bottoms even the load distribution and reduce wear to the chain and chain bed. Even with heavy loads and harsh environments, Lynx sharp top chain keeps your process moving.

Leaf - When a job requires lifting or transmitting motion of the most substantial weights, leaf chain is the solution. Leaf chain, consisting of only pins and plates, forgoes bushings and rollers to achieve incredibly high tensile strengths and working loads. Precise machining tolerances and hardening result in lower elasticity. Frequently employed in forklifts, lift trucks, and other demanding lift applications where slow speeds require flexibility, Lynx leaf chains will carry the day.

Coupling Chain - Explicitly designed for use with chain couplings, Lynx has applied its rigorous roller chain manufacturing standards to this specialty chain. Precise tolerances and heat treatment, along with shot-peened parts and preloading, create a highly capable and resilient chain. Made with high-strength steel and available in standard pitches and tooth counts, you can trust Lynx coupling chain to transfer torque reliably.

Engineering Class chain applications consist of the most demanding conveying and material handling. From lumber mills to cement manufacturing to sewage plants, many industries have specialized needs in these severe applications. Lynx 81X and the “Heavy” series excel in these types of applications. With a wide variety of attachments available, Engineering class chain is incredibly versatile in its operations. Manufactured with high-quality steel construction, these chains will outperform your expectations.

Agricultural Chain is continually exposed to the elements, dragging or moving products both heavy and contaminated. Its construction allows for a chain robust enough to be modified, suiting any need. Farming and agricultural work requires continual innovation. With high-quality steel, side plates can be welded to bars or conveying components and still perform accurately. Scooping, conveying, and loading full orchard bins need more than a standard roller chain. Rely on the strength of Lynx agricultural chain.

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