Self-cleaning strength that minimizes excessive chain loading.

Lynx Kingpin Steel Pintle chain is designed to protect your drive.

Steel pintle chain regularly gets dirty, moving feed, wood products, manure, or just driving on the open road. Our kingpin chain is specially designed for operation in abusive applications, with a heavy press-fit pin for extreme sideplate retention and a reduced risk of failure.

What sets Kingpin Chains apart?

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Quad-staked pins provide increased holding power and added strength.

Precision heat treatment for consistent hardness.

Pre-stretching reduces initial stretch, reducing the need for take up after initial run-in.

Open barrel design allows contaminants to escape without seizing at the pin and barrel connection.

Manufactured with precision dies and able to be length-matched in pairs at the factory for enhanced precision in multiple-strand applications.

Looking for a specific Kingpin Steel Pintle chain? Download our listing of available styles and types [PDF].

Get rugged durability and efficiency with Lynx.

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