Innovative design.
Exceptional reliability.

Lasting durability engineered for the toughest applications.

Kingpin pintle chain uses consistent tolerances, precision surfaces, and innovative design to reduce chain elongation and wear. We build quality into every pin and link, giving you lasting performance when it matters most.

Lasting quality engineered into every link of Kingpin chain.

Limited Chain Stretch

Conforming to ASME Standards for Barrel Hole Clearance

By limiting the space between the barrel hole and the barrel to the maximum allowed by ASME Standards, Kingpin greatly reduces the amount of chain stretch allowed.

Precision Punching of the Barrel Hole

Precision punching the barrel hole creates a non-tapered surface which slows the rate of wear and elongation due to greater surface area contact when Kingpin is under load.

Improved Pin Retention

Extreme Press Fit Pin

By precision punching the press-fit pin connection, Kingpin chain greatly improves pin retention over other chain brands which rely on heavy pin head rivets alone.

Increased Chain Life

Wide Barrel End Width

Kingpin’s innovative barrel end greatly reduces the unsupported chain length common in other chain brands, reducing stress to the chain pin and protecting against early pin fatigue failure.


Steel-pintle-product 800

Quad-staked pins provide increased holding power and added strength.

Precision heat treatment for consistent hardness.

Factory Pre-stretching ensures consistent pitch.

Open barrel design prevents seizing by allowing contaminants to escape.

Manufactured with precision dies for enhanced precision in multiple-strand applications.

Get rugged durability and efficiency with Lynx.

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