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Want to ensure lubrication to vital components in any scenario? Get Lynx.

Whether chain lubrication is frequent or never, your drive will benefit from Lynx Extreme Duty. Inexpensive split bushings will inevitably distort. Solid bushings, great for heavy loads and high speeds, struggle with lubricant retention. The solid XD bushing features an oversized oil port, which provides a better initial fill of oil than other chains and direct access to the pin when relubricating — durability without sacrifices.

How is an oil port different from other options?

Slow the rate of chain stretch

The unique oil port design helps lubricate the most critical parts of the chain – pins/bushings/rollers – upon both initial factory fill and re-lubrication.

Precise alignment increases longevity

The ports are aligned to the slack side of each link where there is the least pressure. Along with the superior roundness of both bushing and roller, all levels of lubrication are more effective.

Effective lubrication made easy

The pin-bushing connection is critical for chain life. Standard chains have very few, tight clearances for access. The oil port increases the ease of relubrication and the factory oil fill volume.


Proper lubrication leads directly to longer chain life, but consistency can be challenging. The Lynx XD oil ports make relubrication easier. From the initial factory oil-bath, to strict or infrequent relube intervals - and everything in between -

the XD oil port gets lubrication where it’s needed.

How do Lynx standard features increase chain life?

Solid bushings keep the effects of shock-loading to a minimum

Superior roundness and quality steel construction of our solid bushings help resist distortion and wear, providing longer life in heavy and shock-loaded applications.

Solid rollers easily handle faster chain speeds

To complement the bushings, precise roundness and greater strength make solid rollers superior to split ones in high-speed and high-shock applications.

Wide-waist link-plates help resist fatigue in demanding applications

The added material to the middle section of the chain’s wide-waist link-plates provides fatigue resistance and reduces the progression of elongation.

Get rugged, lasting durability with Lynx.

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