Full protection, full strength. Lynx Dacroclad Chain.

Resist corrosion without sacrificing strength and durability.

Exposure to seawater, chemicals, or frequent washdowns degrades a carbon steel chain quickly. Dacroclad roller chain is a must-have for any corrosive application, providing layers of overlapping zinc and aluminum platelets to create a hard-working barrier that keeps you running smoothly. Lynx Dacroclad Chain gives you the lasting protection and strength you need to stay productive, no matter what you face.

Why choose Dacroclad over stainless steel or nickel-plated chains?

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Lasting Strength – Stainless steel has an 80% tensile strength drop compared to standard or Dacroclad roller chain.

Lasting Durability – Nickel-plating offers only minimal corrosion protection, leaving all internal surfaces exposed.

Self-Repairing Coating – Dacroclad chain is coated on every surface and is self-repairing, with zinc oxides and carbonates filling in any gaps caused by damage.

Get the lasting durability of Lynx.

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