Corrosion-resistant chain made with RoHS compliance

The evolution of corrosion resistance - with RoHS conformance.

Ecoclad roller chain is an excellent option for your most corrosive applications, with the tensile strength of standard roller chain and resistance similar to that of stainless steel. It will even outperform stainless in certain caustic applications! The three-layer coating contains alternative substances to those currently restricted by some international laws. Chain manufactured with RoHS compliance can be included in products sold internationally, a major factor for OEMs with business overseas.

What sets Ecoclad apart from other corrosion-resistant chains?


Each individual component is coated inside and out - pin, bushing, roller, and plates - for more comprehensive corrosion resistance.

Self-repairing - the top layer of the proprietary coating will fill in and cover a scratch or mark, further preventing rust and corrosion.

Eco-friendly manufacturing process eliminates hexavalent chromium, lead, cadmium, and mercury.

The coating process does not require high temperatures, maintaining the hardness of the individual components.

Outlast your environment with Lynx.

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