Lynx XD


Some split bushing chains come with an oil reservoir that provides superior lubrication retention and distribution to that of solid bushing chains. However, split bushing chains will distort under heavy or shock loaded applications.

Solid bushing chains resist distortion but provide inferior lubrication retention and distribution.


Lynx XD chains use a solid roller and solid bushing with an aligned oil port.

This gives Lynx XD the advantages of both styles without the disadvantages of either.

XD Chains have the strength of a solid bushing with an additional path to the pin where lubrication is most critical. The oil port is aligned to the non-tension side of each link. The superior lubrication provided between the pin and bushing slow wear elongation and increase chain life.

In addition, XD series connecting links employ newly developed processes in the manufacture of the cover plates. The result is a connecting link with fatigue strength equal to that of the roller chain itself.