Lynx SH


SH Series chain is designed to endure in ultra-heavy load applications. This Super Heavy chain carries several features not found in ordinary chain.

Super Strength Pins

The pins are constructed of a special high strength alloy and are through-hardened. This gives the chain up to 50% higher tensile strength and load capacity.

Extended Hot Dip

SH chains are dipped in a hot oil bath for twice the normal soaking time. This increases the volume of oil held by the chain, greatly increasing the wear life.

Ball Drifted Link Plates

Ball drifting the link plates eliminates the taper from the stamping process. This increases the holding power of the link plates on the pins and bushings, and helps to prevent bushing distortion and wear.

Quad Staked Pins

Quad staking the pins provides increased holding power on the sideplates, reducing the effects of shock loading.

Wide-Waist Link Plates

Wider-than-standard waist link plates greatly increase fatigue resistance and shock-load resistance.