Lynx Kingpin


Quad-Staked Pins

Quad-staking the pins provide increased holding power and added strength over standard dual-staked pins.

Precision Heat-Treated

Consistency in hardness is the key to consistency in chain performance, therefore we precision heat-treat every part.

Open Barrel Design

This design allows contaminants to escape from the chain without causing seizing at the pin/barrel connection.


Lynx Kingpin pintle chain is specially formed to scoop contaminants out of the sprocket root. This reduces the risk of failure due to increased tension caused by material build-up.

Matched Lengths

Lynx Kingpin pintle chain is made with precision dies.  This precision is important in multiple-strand applications. In addition, LYNX Kingpin 88C comes in matched pairs. These pairs are separated into three groups (S, M and L) for more precise matching with other pairs.


Reduces initial stretching. Redesigned pin placement and increased Rockwell hardness also reduce stretching.

Typical Applications

  • Sand, salt and fertilizer spreaders
  • Feeders
  • Live bed trailers
  • Corrosive or abrasive conveying

Factory Attachments Available